A MOTHER who won an award for the dedicated care of her severely disabled son has died aged 93.

Florence Lightfoot won Parent of the Year at 2013's Community Pride Awards for the passionate love and devotion she showed to her son, John.

Mrs Lightfoot, of Wigginton, had lived independently in her own bungalow and still cared for her 60-year-old son until five weeks ago when she was admitted to hospital.

The grandmother-of-one was "extremely proud" of her award and frequently talked about the pride she felt after receiving it.

Gill Shaw, 54, one of Mrs Lightfoot's four children, said her mum had been diagnosed with breast cancer but doctors believed she died from natural causes.

Mrs Shaw said: "She really deserved the award.

"She was 93 when she passed away on December 14, so she did extremely well.

"We have very fond memories of my mum and will remember her very caring nature and all the things she has done."

Judges for The Press-run awards said Mrs Lightfoot was an exceptional parent and unsung hero who deserved the award for the daily lengths she had gone to for John.

In nomination, her daughter said she is "interpreter, guardian angel and devoted mother to John”, with whom she is very close and looks after him with the support of his brothers and sister.

Mrs Lightfoot cared for her son throughout his life and would take him to school everyday in a pushchair until he was six.

As he grew up she continued to care for John as much as she could, but still loved to socialise at Jubilee Court twice a week.

Mrs Shaw added: "If there was a party she would be there and never leave.

"Before she went into hospital she was at John's 60th party singing and dancing.

"She was in a wheelchair because her legs were tired but she was still there."