A CHILDREN'S charity in York has got a new website created in only eight hours.

SNAPPY took centre stage at an IT challenge organised by Science City York when a local group of web-developers called We Are The Monkeys produced a new website for the charity in the allotted time. As part of the challenge the group developed an online diary and event planner so carers and young people can easily keep up to date with all activities offered by the charity.

SNAPPY is a local charity specialising in running projects and activity schemes for children and young people with special needs in York.

Anne Stamp, project manager, said: "The new website will make it so much easier to engage and keep in touch with the community - from rapidly updating carers and young people as to current and up-coming events, through to securing vital support from individuals and businesses."

The website www.snappyyork.org is due to be up and running in the near future.