A DISAGREEMENT has broken out over the sale of an historic Grade II listed building formerly used by the York Deaf Society.

Last year the society sold the four-storey Bootham House building due to financial difficulties, however questions are now being asked about where the money from the city centre sale has gone after a bungalow in Huntington has been bought in replacement.

A new social group called Jorvik Deaf Connections (JDC) has asked a series of questions about the Society's decision and suggested the new building is not suitable for the needs of many people.

Danny Dorney, chairperson of JDC, said in a letter to the society: "We are very concerned about this course of action and request that you reconsider, particularly in light of the fact that the JDC has many members and we would like to establish a working relationship with the Society to ensure a continuity of service to the community.

"We ask you to begin an investigation on where the Society’s funds from the sale of the Bootham building is going. We are of the opinion that those funds should be used to provide a service for the wider Deaf community in York. It should not be spent on a very small membership of the Society."

The temporary interim accommodation at Acomb Conservative Club - which does not allow children - has also been questioned.

JDC has set up a petition and Mr Dorney raised his concerns at City of York Council’s Full Council meeting last month, at which it was requested any council funding to the society should be investigated.

The Press has written to York Deaf Society but has not heard back from the group. However, it did provide a response to the deaf blog, The Limping Chicken.

The society told the website it had consulted members of the Deaf Society and non-members from the Deaf Community of its plans to buy the property and had not received any correspondence.

It stated that younger members had left York Deaf Social Club some years ago, possibly due to the lack of sporting facilities and joined Leeds Deaf Club to return upon hearing Bootham House was to be out on the market "initially under the impression that their presence would save the day".

They said: "The Society believes strongly that inclusion is of paramount importance and the Deaf Community can only grow and develop if all factions of the Deaf Community work together.

"We hope that Jorvik Deaf Connections will be able to bear with the Deaf Society whilst the premises is renovated in order to accommodate the needs of the wider Deaf Community particularly the young, families and their children."