BIRDS of prey have been protected since 1954, except the sparrow hawk – this was protected in 1961. So will someone please explain to me why the rich estate owners and their gamekeepers are above the law?

Of the defendants convicted of killing birds of prey since 1996 of killing birds of prey, 75 per cent were linked to game birds. All were gamekeepers.

Since 2006, 2,578 incidents of bird crime were targeting birds of prey. In 2010, four golden eagles were poisoned; also 28 Scottish raptors were poisoned, 16 in 2011.

The RSPB says we could be down to one pair of nesting hen harriers this year as a result of illegal killings by people who support grouse shooting.

Let’s not forget this. Cameron and co wanted to trap and displace buzzards to protect captive reared pheasants. This has since been dropped due to the public outcry.

Mr D Fillingham, The Crossway, York.