A PUB’S future has been secured by traders eager to keep it a part of their community.

The Winning Post, in Bishopthorpe Road, was listed as an asset of community value by City of York Council to protect it from any attempts to turn it into a mini supermarket or shop.

There are no plans to convert the premises at the moment but Bishy Road Traders Association, who have gained UK-wide recognition, took the steps to list it in case a planning application was submitted.

Johnny Hayes, of the traders association, said: “I’m delighted this has happened. It definitely is an asset of community value and without it we would have lost a lovely pub and a venue for all types of events that is crucial for a community.

From the perspective of traders on Bishopthorpe Road we have worked hard to build up a good street and it is a much valued street. If you have a large supermarket moving in they can have a devastating effect on the street and it’s good to have areas which are not overtaken by supermarkets.

“If they were to take a place like that we would do everything to resist and I’m sure the community would as well.”