A NUTRITIONAL therapist who claims she has helped numerous York people with diabetes has been banned from advertising on local radio.

Elaine Wilson, of Haxby, says the Radio Advertising Clearance Council (RACC) has prevented her from advertising her new business venture on radio stations in the UK because her work is not supervised by GPs.

She said she had objected to the decision but the RACC refused to back down, and she was now taking the matter to the regulatory authority Ofcom.

She claimed she had had many successes locally, including lawyers, teachers, management consultants and even a York Minster Canon, who had all reported significant improvements in their health after undergoing her course.

She said the Canon had lost three stones in weight and no longer needed to inject insulin, and had described her work as a "miracle," and she was advertising her business in a GP's surgery in Selby.

"Frankly I am astounded and very angry that I am been prevented from advertising a legitimate business on local radio," she said.

"If local GPs consider my programme suitable to be advertised in their surgery, then the RACC need to remove their block forthwith."

She spoke out after World Diabetes Day was held on Friday, aiming to promote awareness of the disease and educate people on how to help tackle it, which she said she supported wholeheartedly.

"The whole point of my programme is to educate people how to properly balance their diets to assist with weight loss and control blood sugar levels," she said.

She added that she showcased some of her cases on her website rebalancediabetes.com, where full details of her programme and testimonial videos could be found.

An RACC spokesperson said, “In line with the requirements of UK Code of Broadcasting Advertising, we took advice from our medical consultant and concluded that this type of service should be overseen by someone with a medical or other relevant professional qualification before it can be advertised.”