REGULARS at a pub marked its last day by remembering the day their football team made the front page of The Press.

In 1987, the Corner House's football team won the Tour of Ibiza and proudly celebrated on their return to Britain.

York Press:

The pub in Burton Stone Lane, Clifton, has been licensed since 1937 but closed its doors for the last time on Sunday tonight - but not before some of the survivors of the team, together with other long-term regulars gathered for a recreation of the photograph.

"It was a fantastic pub. I am lucky enough to have met some great people there," said Gary Sullivan, one of the 1987 team who has been drinking at the Corner House for more than 30 years.

"We have some fun memories. I've seen people come in with a donkey and with a parrot. I could go on and on about the great characters in there. It's a sad day."

There was a time when even in mid-week it was impossible to get a seat, he said.

Apart from the football team, the pub also had darts and rugby teams.

The pub has been sold and will become a Tesco's convenience store.

"I don't know why because there's a Sainsbury's only 50 yards away," said Mr Sullivan.