A PUB landlord and his twin brother have gone on trial accused of raping a woman at the same time.

Daryl Salt, 25, who ran a pub in York, is also alleged to have raped a second woman and suggested to her that they have a sexual threesome with a colleague or his twin Thomas.

The prosecution claims Daryl Salt falsely imprisoned both women and grabbed them by the neck.

He allegedly pressed the second woman’s neck so hard that she thought she was going to die.

Between them, the Salt brothers, of Camela Lane in Camblesforth, deny ten charges of offences allegedly committed between May 2010 and July 2012.

Daryl Salt, who ran the Bumper Castle on Wigginton Road in York and a pub in the Selby area, as well as other pubs, faces five charges of rape and two of false imprisonment.

Thomas Salt, 25, faces two of rape and one of sexual assault, all against the first woman.

Opening the prosecution at Teesside Crown Court yesterday, Richard Bennett alleged neither woman knew each other, but their accounts of what Daryl Salt did to them on separate occasions had several similarities.

Quoting a witness, he alleged Daryl Salt was a Jekyll and Hyde character who could be charming but also “explosive and violent” and could smash objects if he was angry.

He forced the second woman into a room, locked her in and took away the door handle, then he grabbed her by the throat, the court was told.

“He restricted her breathing so that she thought she was going to die,” claimed the barrister, and then allegedly raped her.

Afterwards, despite her attempts to prevent him, he allegedly took photos of her naked and as she dressed herself, as “souvenir photos” and told her he would publish them on Facebook.

The barrister showed the jury photos of the woman allegedly downloaded from Daryl Salt’s phone after his arrest.

Daryl Salt also suggested to her she should have a threesome with him and his brother or a man who worked in his pub. But she refused.

Mr Bennett alleged Daryl Salt had already terrified the first woman so much she “acquiesced”

when he made her have a threesome with her and his twin.

He had also grabbed the first woman by the neck and forced her into a room where he raped her and forced her to stay when she wanted to leave, the court was told.

Both twins claimed the women were lying when interviewed by police after their arrest.

The trial continues.