A MULTI-STOREY car park has never been as eye-catching at the one at York Hospital just now.

A new art exhibition uses the outside of the car park to display a selection of banners commissioned by City of York Council to be hung on the city walls as part of the Tour de France celebrations in July.

The colourful banners are based on a heraldic pennant, and have been designed and painted by 60 different community groups working with local artists.

The hospital is displaying the banners until the end of November.

Kat Hetherington, arts and design manager, said: “This is the first time the car park has been used for artwork and we’re getting really good feedback from visitors for the bright and colourful welcome to York Hospital. The banners have had so much work put into them and look so beautiful that we were delighted when we were given permission to exhibit.

“It’s brilliant to be able to display artwork lovingly created by the community we serve, and we hope to use this as an exhibition space again in the future.”