AS Micklegate ward councillors representing the ward on the west side of the river facing the proposed extended moorings at York Motor Yacht Club (YMYC), we were as concerned as everyone else to hear about this proposal in place of the open river bank in what is an extremely attractive section of the river.

We understand that there has been no discussion by senior officers or councillors regarding this lease and that the S123 notices were posted in error. These notices have now been removed, and YMYC has been informed that the council does not intend to lease the land to them, which we welcome.

A planning application has been lodged by the York Motor Yacht Club YMYC and legally has to be considered at planning committee in November.

We’d encourage residents wishing to lodge their views to continue to do so.

See council website:

Councillors Dave Merrett, Julie Gunnell and Sandy Fraser, Micklegate ward, Whitehouse Gardens, York.