I READ your article on the possible use of 200 metres of river bank in the Fulford area for mooring 14 additional boats for the York Motor Yacht Club.

I have walked my dog on this strip of land and no one has mentioned the alcohol and drug abuse that goes on, including the lighting of open fires, litter and so on.

When I walk my dog there I am on the look-out for broken glass, syringes and other unsavoury items used in such antisocial activities.

No one seems to understand that boaters look after nature and the land, and love the river bank and its wildlife. Further to this,14 boats means 14 more families to use the river and all that York has to offer.

York needs the money and the boaters need the moorings. The York Motor Yacht Club is a long-established group of like-minded people who support York and all it has to offer.

The council is missing a trick here and should be looking to increase its moorings along the river. Boaters want to bring their boats and money to York.

Pete Willett, Chatsworth Grove, Harrogate.