A PRIMARY school in Selby has been closed after asbestos was found on the premises.

Brayton Church of England Primary School was closed yesterday by North Yorkshire County Council, and remains closed today, after builders apparently damaged some materials which contained asbestos.

A spokeswoman for NYCC said: "In accordance with asbestos regulations the school has been closed while we carry out analysis to determine the extent of any risk. Until this has been complete, the school has been closed purely as a precautionary measure.

"A special parents meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 14. Officers from the county council will attend this meeting to provide information and the results of analysis to parents and carers, to respond to any questions raised at it and to provide an update on the school’s expected re-opening."

This afternoon, NYCC has confirmed the school will reopen on Wednesday, save for a small section which will remain closed for futher inspection by the council.

While that takes place, some older students will be taught at Brayton High School.

Parents with children at the school can attend the meeting at 6.30pm for more information.