PEOPLE in Foxwood are celebrating the 50th anniversary of their neighbourhood later this month.

The first houses were built on Foxwood Lane in the early 60s, and on Friday, October 24 the Foxwood Residents Association is holding a pop up tea party to mark the 50th anniversary.

The celebration takes place from 3-6.30pm at Foxwood Community Centre in Bellhouse Way, and will be a chance for residents to reminisce and share old photographs and memories.

Shirley Gumley, Chairman of Foxwood Residents Association said "There have been many changes in the area and we want to capture some of those memories for posterity.

"Some of the biggest changes took place in the late 1980's but in the early 1970's, there were no buses or shops in the area and RAF personnel from Church Fenton were living in accommodation in Tedder and Slessor Roads.

"We are particularly keen to hear from people who remember Foxwood Lane when it was called Kennel Lane and residents who have memories of the hunt which met in the area."