Spyridon Louis, winner of the marathon at the first modern Olympic Games in Athens in 1896, completed the course in 2:58:50 – a time that would have placed him 47th in last year’s Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon.

• That 1896 race saw 17 runners cross the start line – some 7,000 people entered this year’s Yorkshire Marathon.

• An army of more than 800 volunteers will be on duty to ensure all those taking part have a safe and enjoyable time.

• The oldest runner taking part is 76 years and 20 days, while the youngest is 18 years and 22 days.

• There will be 2,000 metres of banners out on the course and more than three miles of barriers.

• There are 15 runners with birthdays on the day of the run.

• There will be 55,800 bottles of water – that’s a total of 16,368,000mls - out on the course and 20,800 bottles of Powerade.

• The average finishing time in last year’s marathon was 4:24:55.