LIBERAL DEMOCRAT councillors “calling in” of a decision to progress with the Community Stadium and leisure facilities was ill-conceived and a waste of council taxpayers’ money.

Six reasons were given for ‘calling in’ this decision, four of which were promptly abandoned in the meeting.

New areas of disagreement were introduced to the debate which the chair of the meeting rightly closed down, having not been previously given as reasons for the original call in.

At the meeting, both the Tory and Lib Dem members failed to support the plans for the Community Stadium, on which the future of professional rugby and football in the city depend.

The cost of holding the meeting, at which Lib Dems failed to vote for their own “call in”, is likely to have cost anywhere between £400 and £500 in staffing and printing.

Following this meeting it would appear Lib Dems will not be voting against agreeing funding for a new swimming pool to go alongside the Community Stadium and other community facilities when all councillors meet next week.

The supporters of our professional sports clubs and many others, I’m sure, will fervently hope so.

Councillor Sandy Fraser (Labour), Millfield Road, York.