ALONG with 30,000 other people, I have signed a petition on the Government’s website calling for mandatory CCTV in slaughterhouses, with independent monitoring of the footage.

Having seen Animal Aid’s investigations that found evidence of widespread cruelty inside UK slaughterhouses, I felt I had to do something. The footage – shot using fly-on-the-wall cameras inside the slaughterhouses – revealed animals being kicked, punched, beaten and burned with cigarettes. Others were dragged by their ears, picked up by their fleeces and thrown, and improperly stunned.

More than 145 MPs support the campaign for CCTV, and 76 per cent of the public do too according to a recent YouGov poll. Anyone wishing to add their name to the petition or find out more about the campaign can do so at

Chris Flanagan, Alma Terrace, Fulford Road, York.