THE photograph is horrifying: three children walking home from school along a narrow grass verge beside a major road, as a lorry thunders past.

The children go to Joseph Rowntree School. And The Press has learned that they and some other pupils are using an uncompleted cycle path and footpath beside the busy A1237 to get to school.

The £1.3 million path was meant to provide a safe route between the Wigginton Road and Haxby Road roundabouts. But it has been delayed because of problems building a new bridge over the railway line. Barriers have been put up – but these have failed to deter children going to school or Clifton Moor.

This is clearly highly dangerous – and will become more so as winter approaches and the grass verge becomes slippery.

The council says it has put up signs to say the footpath is closed and has urged parents not to allow their children to use it.

Joseph Rowntree School will also be telling pupils the path shouldn’t be used. But head teacher Richard Crane said he hoped it would be completed quickly, so pupils could use it safely.

We entirely agree. The path is an obvious temptation to children. Making it safe must be a priority.