A HELICOPTER search for a vulnerable pensioner who went missing in Selby had to be stopped after a child shone a laser pen at the pilot.

North Yorkshire Police were called out to look for a vulnerable 89-year-old woman who had gone missing in the area on Saturday evening.

The police helicopter was launched to assist in the search, but had to call off the aerial search for about 10 minutes when the laser beam was noticed by the pilot and crew taking part in the search.

A spokesman for North Yorkshire Police spokesman said the laser pen was confiscated from the six-year-old boy, and he and his parents were spoken to by officers who had been sent to the boy’s location by the helicopter crew.

He said: “Thankfully, despite this incident the missing woman was located safe and well.

“Both the boy and his parents were given suitable advice.”Although the child had no malicious intent in this instance, shining anything in the eyes of pilots is dangerous and anyone caught doing so can expect to be dealt with appropriately.”

The missing woman was found safe and well later that evening.