AN ESCAPOLOGIST will attempt to outdo Houdini next month by escaping from Dick Turpin's cell at York's Castle Museum.

British escape artist Weasel Dandaw will launch his bid on Hallowe'en at the condemned call, where the notorious highwayman is said to have spent his last night, before being executed at the Knavesmire in 1739.

Organiser Alan Taylor said it was alleged that renowned escapologist Harry Houdini had refused a challenge to escape from the cell on his last British tour in 1909.

He said the cell would be thoroughly searched and Weasel would have a full strip search by a medic to make sure he had nothing concealed that could aid his escape. He would then be locked and chained to the wall at the far end of the cell, and the door would then be double locked.

He said that in1983, British escape artist David De-Val had escaped from the cell after declaring he had worked out Houdini's method of escaping from jail cells and David's daughter Rebecca Taylor had now issued a challenge to repeat his feat.