THE pavements outside the shops on Bishopthorpe Road in York are set to be enhanced.

Following a meeting between the Bishy Road Traders Association and the City of York Council it has been agreed that repairs should be made to the most weathered areas of the pavement, outside Trinacria and Thomas the Baker, and should be completed within a month.

Drainage issues that cause large puddles outside the Fisherman’s Wife fish and chip shop during torrential rain storms will also be addressed, it has been agreed.

The association also said it is looking into a “jointly-funded scheme during the 2015/16 budget year between the City of York Council and the Bishy Road Traders Association”.

Johnny Hayes, chairman of the Bishy Road Traders Association, said: “The pavements on Bishopthorpe Road have deteriorated in recent years and we felt it was time something be done. We are pleased the council responded proactively to our request, agreeing a number of immediate repairs to be completed quickly. These will be of great benefit to the local community who use the pavement as we enter into autumn period with the wetter weather it brings.”