A PUB which closed due to flooding and lost thousands of pounds in takings is set to reopen this weekend.

The water pipes at The Ainsty in Boroughbridge Road were overloaded during bad weather in early August, meaning the pub had to be closed and the annual Ainsty Fest had to be postponed while repairs to the cellar and beer pump system were carried out.

Caroline Grant, events organiser for the pub, said she estimated the venue had lost out on more than £30,000 in takings in the two weeks it had been closed, staff had been left without pay, and the Hyde family, who run the pub, had been without electricity for much of the repair period.

She said: “The damage was quite severe, the cellar was completely flooded, it knocked all the electrics and the pump system out and all the stock was gone. We usually take £17,000 a week so it’s a severe loss of income for the pub.

“Wendi and Dave, who run the pub, it’s their home as well as their business, and it’s been quite disruptive for them. They’ve had no electricity and had to send their children off as they can’t stay there. They’ve been eating takeaways because they couldn’t cook without power and someone had to be on the site permanently because there were no alarms.”

The pub has reopened this week, ahead of its official relaunch this Saturday with a fun day for families and regulars at the venue.

Caroline said: “The Ainsty Fest was due to be held on August 16, so we’ve rescheduled it to September 13. That cost quite a lot, as the entertainment we had put in place has had to be rescheduled too. It’s really been quite sad, because some of the bands aren’t able to attend now, but luckily Beth McCarthy can still make it as our headliner.

“This Saturday we have live entertainment all day and a kids talent contest and a ‘back to school’ disco in the evening. It will all be indoors, unlike the Ainsty Fest, and just something to get everyone back in and the weather can’t spoil it.”

The pub is open now and the events run from noon on Saturday