Unemployment in York has dropped for the fifth month in succession.

Figures highlighting the number of residents claiming Jobseeker's Allowance show those signing up for the benefits has dropped by 974 since July 2013, and now stands at 1,516 compared to 1,577 last month.

And the amount of people joining the dole queue has shortened throughout North Yorkshire, including Selby and Ryedale.

There are now 4,376 people on JSA, 2,588 fewer than July 2013.

JSA claimants in East Yorkshire have gone from 3,966 in June 2014 to 3,907 last month.

Cllr James Alexander, Labour Leader of City of York Council said: “I’m pleased council investment in the city’s economy and our partnership working with York’s private sector is beginning to pay off, as York continues to outperform the country and the region in tackling unemployment.

“However today’s figures mask the issue of in-work poverty exacerbated by cost of living increases which is why we must look at securing further investment into the city to secure further jobs and growth as well continuing our work on the Living Wage. "Another issue we need to continue to tackle through partnership working is the number of residents who are working part time or on zero hours contracts.

"Many in employment in York are also on benefits due to low wages and it isn't good enough.

"As York approaches full employment, we need to focus on the issue of wage levels and to do so we need more better paid jobs.”

In Selby, claimants dropped from 906 in June 2014 to 883 in July.

The figures were again encouraging to business leaders compared to 1,202 claimants at the same point last year.

James Dunwell, secretary of Selby Chamber of Trade, said: "There's no doubt the economy is getting healthier.

"There's a definite increase in activity and people are starting to look at taking staff on.

"We have had a couple of large recruitment drives like Clipper Logistics taking on a huge amount of people through their links with ASOS, so there are a lot of opportunities being created.

"The more people in work means people have more money to spend, and the high street and local trade will do better."

Unemployment in Ryedale also fell from 470 in July 2013 to 331 by last month.