A POST war advert which has stood the test of time to become part of an iconic gable end in York has been reproduced on t-shirts.

The Bile Beans advert, on the side of Me & Mrs Fisher cafe in Lord Mayors Walk, has been chosen as the inspiration for a new product by a nearby design shop.

Celebrating their 13th anniversary, staff at quirky gift and furniture retailer Snowhome, in Gillygate, were looking to design and create a new product to add to their range.

The black and yellow Bile Beans logo sparked their imagination as was chosen to be reproduced on t-shirts which are being sold in cans.

Snowhome owner Angus McArthur said: "The Bile Beans sign is unique to York, it's a part of the substance of the city and I wanted to recognise that.

"In a way the t-shirt is a parody of the millions of generic branded t-shirts worn promoting global sports brands and fashion labels. A Bile Beans t-shirt is far more intimate in its appeal, outside of York the effect is diluted.

"Snowhome is all about celebrating things with niche appeal and this is a perfect fit."

Bile Beans were said to promote “inner health” and as a result were touted as a cure-all for just about anything from influenza to constipation. The glossy black pills, which were devised in Australia in 1899, became a brand leader in the UK during the 1930s and were still on sale until the mid-1980s.