BOUNCING along with deft foot-tapping beats, Cosines’ synth-heavy album is very enjoyable, if derivative.

Opening track Out Of The Fire packs on the theremin and electric keys, with northerner Alice Hubley’s vocals reminiscent of Chumbawamba’s Alice Nutter, though more melodic. Next track Nothing More Than A Feeling is the best Belle And Sebastian song they never wrote, and that feeling of a Sixties bubblegum pop hit blended with modern sensibilities and clever lyrics runs throughout the album.

The synth lessens on Lookout Mountain Drive, when Simon Nelson’s vocals taking over on a guitar-led track about the desire for a place to grow middle-aged and enjoy all that comes with it.

The style here is closer to Symposium, but still charming and enjoyable. Pop-In-Court is an instrumental close to ‘Side X’ of the album – all digital blips and xylophone, like an 8-bit arcade game soundtrack – and as it enters ‘Side Y’ Hubley takes charge again with the simple, fun Binary Primary, and the pair share vocals on Stalemate.

New and old, fun throughout.