AT MEETINGS of full council, I answer questions posed to me from Conservative and Liberal Democrat councillors.

This is partly how they hold me to account.

I welcome this openness. I have suggested these questions should come from the floor, rather than be given to me in writing beforehand. As leader it is only right I am kept on my toes.

My full answers are always publicly Tweeted on the evening of the full council meeting via @jmalexander1982.

I am aware of complaints from Liberal Democrat councillors that I shouldn’t be sharing these answers with the public before I share them with councillors. I disagree.

I hope, as we get closer to the local election, and as further attention is paid to the work of councillors that the quality of the questions improve.

At the last meeting of full council I was asked by the Conservatives: “Tulips or daffodils?”. Such questions sadly do not foster the grown-up debate the public deserves.

Councillor James Alexander, Labour Leader, City of York Council.