MEN have been risking serious injury by jumping into the River Derwent from a North Yorkshire bridge.

Our photographer took this picture at Kirkham Priory near Malton, where people were jumping not only from the river banks but also from the roof of a van parked next to the river.

This year in York alone, four people have died in the River Ouse and the River Foss, prompting The Press to launch its Take Care campaign, and renewed safety campaigns from North Yorkshire Police, City of York Council, and a group of organisations working under Police and Crime Commissioner Julia Mulligan.

A spokeswoman for North Yorkshire Police said jumping into open water on hot days could lead to problems with temperature shock, fast currents, waterborne diseases, and submerged dangers could cause problems for even strong swimmers.

She said: "What may look like a cool, inviting stretch of water on a hot sunny day can hide several dangers, not least the shock of the cold water on your internal organs. Even during warm weather, water temperatures can be dangerously low.

"The water can also conceal rubbish, rocks, shallow areas, plants which can wrap around you, strong currents and diseases. If you want to go for swim, it’s best to use a swimming pool or lifeguard patrolled beach."

According to the Met Office, today's weather is likely to be just as hot, with highs of 24c and lows of about 15c, with the same predicted for Thursday.

Friday is expected to be only slightly cooler, while Saturday is expected to be sunny and cloudy, but still in the early twenties, and high humidity is expected every day this week.