A Victorian gym for the city's amateur boxers is being used as the latest site for an archaeological dig.

The former North Street home of York Boxing Club was recorded close to the site at All Saints Church as part of the summer-long Archaeology Live! scheme.

The 12-week project is being used as a training site for volunteers and 20 trainees learning the trade, and will be opened up to the public this Saturday to unveil the findings, which so far include a variety of small artefacts.

Arran Johnson, assistant field officer at the site, said: "It was originally a mortuary chapel built in the 1860s, and I believe it was still open until 2000 when the building fell derelict, and was demolished last year.

"It's a fascinating find, and beneath the boxing club we have found out about how it was put together, and found medieval layers.

"It's anyone's guess to what lies below, but as far as the finds so far go, they've been very good."

The archaeologists at the site will show people around the sizeable trench they have constructed to access the area, and their findings so far, when they open up the dig to members of the public between 10am and 4pm.

Mr Johnson added: "The volume of findings coming out of it is absolutely mind-blowing, even by York's standards.

"It's the fourteenth year of doing this and the archaeology inside York is always excellent.

"As a charity we are always keen to get people involved and this is a really good way of opening up sites."

For more information about the team's work visit www.archaeologylive.wordpress.com