Q: The council complain when householders leave black bin liners in the streets a day or so before refuse collection day, yet don't supply wheelie bins to the areas where the problem occurs. Why are the householders being blamed for the council's shortcomings and when will these streets get their bins? Rachel L, York A: The City of York Council now has about 80% of houses on the wheeled bin system of refuse collection. Those streets without wheeled bins are the ones considered to be unsuitable due to the design and layout of the premises or because, following a consultation exercise involving a large proportion of the terraced properties on the outskirts of the city centre, the majority of residents in any given street choose to stay with the existing black sack system. We ask residents to place black sacks out for collection no sooner than the night before collection day and preferably on the morning of collection by 7.00am. This reduces the risks of bags being ripped open by scavenging animals. These time constraints are exactly the same for residents with wheeled bins as we wish to minimise the presence of bins on streets, particularly in terraced areas where space is more limited.