THIS fantastic photograph of the Red Arrows flying over York Minster was taken just minutes before their flypast at Harewood House to mark the start of the Tour de France.

It was taken by Senior Aircraftman Adam Fletcher, a photographer with the RAF's Aerobatic Team who was flying 100 feet above the nine jets with 'Red 10,' a tenth aircraft flown by a squadron leader to coordinate the display.

SAC Fletcher said the planes had flown up from their base at RAC Scampton in Lincolnshire on Saturday morning to over York prior to their primary duty of the day, the flypast at Harewood House as the world's greatest cycle race got underway.

The planes produced their familiar vapour trails as they flew over York, in the red, white and blue of both the Union flag and the French flag, the Tricolor.

The vapour trails help flight safety for the Arrows, allowing the Team Leader to judge the wind speed and direction accurately, as well as adding to the impact of the display sequence when viewed from the ground.