And finally...

On this occasion we find solace for our closing paragraphs in the bold step announced by the Chancellor in due course to abolish yet another tax. The tax concerned has long been the scourge of the tax-paying public, and its passing is bound to be a cause for great rejoicing throughout the nation. That tax is, of course, Bingo Duty!

We found that while the Chancellor felt fit to mention this abolition within his speech - a shrewd and calculated move, no doubt, on his part to secure the "granny vote!" - we were concerned not to be able to find any reference whatsoever within the official Press Releases to the detail behind this ground-breaking proposal. We therefore went looking on the government web sites, and must commend to our readers Customs & Excise Notice 457, cleverly entitled "Bingo Duty". It is a great read. Inspect it for yourself at!

We feel that the abolition of such an important piece of legislation should be recognised in some way. Our proposal is that some of the relevant terminology be preserved within our fiscal legislation. For example: "I therefore confirm to the House (appropriate?!) that the starting rate of income tax for the forthcoming year shall be Downing Street (formerly - but certainly no longer - known as Maggie's Den) while the basic rate of income tax shall be two little ducks!"

Eyes down!

It furthermore fills us with pride to make particular reference to Prime Minister's Question Time immediately before the commencement of the Budget speech. We could not help but note that the penultimate question was asked by none other than Mr Hugh Bayley, the Right Honourable Member for York. The next and final question was then uttered by Mr John Greenway, the Right Honourable Member for Ryedale.

This occasion must surely have represented the very apogee of their respective political careers, being thrust into the limelight of the parliamentary stage in front of the whole nation. What an accolade for our region to be honoured in such a way! To what did we owe this distinction?

It is to our immeasurable shame that we cannot actually remember the subject matter of what we are sure were two truly inspired questions, or the dazzling reposts delivered by our great Leader. Nevertheless, the honour bestowed upon York and North Yorkshire is there on record and to be treasured for all time!