FIBBERS was cooking in more ways than one for the remaining semi-final of the of the Evening Press-sponsored Battle of the Bands 2002.

A humid, packed venue ensured the audience and bands were dripping with sweat by the end of the night - but judging by the quality of the music, last night's entries were on fire.

But in spite of magnificent efforts both by punk band Flint and funk-rockers Syncrownised, in the end one band stood out heads above the rest.

York-based Morgan 4 gave a breathtaking performance, claiming the highest percentage of the audience vote to date in the whole competition.

Deservedly getting the secret panel vote, the four-piece, who were last on stage, offered a cracking set led by the haunting vocals of singer Dave McNamara.

The brilliance of lead guitarist Adam Bailey, looking as cool as Steve Marriot in his Small Faces heyday and performing like the Stone Roses' John Squire, merits a mention on its own.

Sounding at times like Starsailor and Cast, Morgan 4 turned out some original and melodic tunes while turning in a passionate and professional performance.

Four-piece Flint, from Tadcaster, were first on and took us all back to the summer of 1977 - though most of the audience were mere glints in their daddies' eyes during the Silver Jubilee year.

The band attracted the audience's attention before even taking the stage thanks to the huge mohican hairstyle of guitarist Rossini Pornstar - the bass player had dubbed himself Jim Nastic!

However, any thoughts that Flint were purely a gimmick band dissolved when they took to the stage.

A tight rhythm section and some thumping songs were all they had, but that's all they needed.

Throwing in a few musical references, everything from XTC to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Flint clearly know their punk.

The polite Fibbers audience moshed their hearts out but politely refrained from spitting at the band.

Next up were three-piece Syncrownised, a well-known band from the York gig circuit, and whose influences are hard to pin down.

Perhaps that's what made them an interesting act though. That and the showmanship of singer and guitarist Leon Banks.

With a tight bass and drum support Banks won over a large section of the audience with some rock and roll originals.

- The line-up for the Fibbers Battle of the Bands 2002 on Wednesday July 10, will be: Coma, Jacob, Morgan 4, Peachie, Sevenball, and Duck Sick.