Heat One - February 13
Midas, Peachie, Lux Perpetua, The Modern Dance.
Winner: Peachie

Heat Two - February 20
Raith, Fadge, Manydown, The Back Wheels.
Dead heat: Manydown and Fadge

Heat Three - February 27
Allia, Busride, Griffins Bridge, The Asylum Seekers.
Winner: Busride

Heat Four - March 6
Velmas Time, Morgan Four, Screaming Banshee Aircrew, Ryan Shirlow & The Bloody Marys.
Winner: Morgan Four

Heat Five - March 13
Ham, Happy As Fish, Syncrownized, Threshold Shift.
Winner: Syncrownized

Heat Six - March 20
Reborn, Red Shift, Sevenball and Prizefighter.
Winner: Sevenball

Heat Seven - March 27
Fine Lines, Heroic Trio, Beautiful Feet, The Finger Puppets.
Winner: Fine Lines

Heat Eight - April 3
Coma, Plaecene, Still Reno, The Dregs.
Winner: Coma

Heat Nine - April 10
Anubia, Reagan, Burst Rondo, Knee Deep.
Winner: Knee Deep

Heat Ten - April 17
Flint, Chevron, 5 Finger Discount.
Winner: Flint

Heat Eleven - April 24
Bobby Six Killer, Duck Sick, Thee Virus House
Winner: Duck Sick

Heat Twelve - May 1
First Circle, Jacob, Afterglow and Earthnoize.
Winner: Jacob