We asked readers to send in their experiences of September 11 last year. Here is a selection of them:

I'd like to send my heart and prayers to all those who have suffered worldwide because of the events of September 11th.

I myself lost a great friend at an early age on that day.

Her parents had to ring me from the US to tell me, which must have been heart-wrenching.

It has taken me a long time to try to forget and erase my hatred for those who caused this and move on.

I just don't think I ever will, nor will most people.

Also my many thanks to the firefighters and all those involved in the Ground Zero clean up. I salute you all.

Simon Pratt, York

I paid a visit to a business contact in World Trade Centre Two, a firm of naval architects on the 45th floor, shortly before the attack.

When phoning their office a respectful 10 days afterwards to inquire if all was well, I was not surprised to hear that they had all survived and were, in fact, back in business.

What had been the hardest thing for them in their lucky escape'?

The answer was how they missed work colleagues higher up the building - they used to say Hi' to each other in the lifts.

Now they were nearly all gone. The speedy relocation into new offices shows the extraordinary resilience among the American people.

Dick Midhage, York

It was a lovely, hot day. My husband Andy, myself and our children Jordan and Saffron were on a week's holiday in Menorca.

We had gone to a leather outlet when all of a sudden this man came running up to us saying a plane had crashed into a building.

Then he said another one had been hit. We just couldn't believe what we were hearing. We got straight into our car and tried to find an English speaking radio station but couldn't.

We arrived back at our villa and turned CNN news on.

For the rest of our holiday we watched the news.

We all wanted to go home, but at the same time we were frightened to get back on a plane again.

Our family will always remember that day.

Emma Brown, York

I arrived in New York from Washington DC with a friend late at night on Monday, September 10 and went straight to the hostel I was staying at.

New York was the last place I'd be visiting and flying home from on September 13 after five weeks travelling down the east coast following on from nine weeks working at a camp in Virginia.

We were in Times Square on the subway when we were told to leave, and we stood watching the events on the big screens. We arrived there about 20 minutes before the second tower collapsed.

We had to stay in New York for the next week while we tried to get a flight home, eventually on September 18.

Sally Baker, York

I cut short a holiday in San Francisco after seeing the attacks. It was scary. Everyone was talking about it. It was on the television from morning until night.

Pat Calpin, York

My son was in Washington when it happened. He was due to fly out but couldn't get a flight out.

He didn't see the jet hit the Pentagon. The people in America are so different now. They are very apprehensive about what will happen next.

Ronald Beck, York