After 829 days, deaf charity worker Ian Stillman was released from an Indian jail on health grounds. He flew home to see his York-based parents vowing to clear his name.

York City were given 35 days to find a buyer or face being declared bankrupt. Meanwhile, the tiny Harrogate Railway FC enjoyed the biggest day in their history, taking on Bristol City in the FA Cup. They lost the match, screened live, 3-1.

Eleven-year-old Katie Scales was badly hurt after being knocked down by a hit-and-run driver who went through a red light in Blossom Street, York. She was home in time for Christmas, and Evening Press readers raised enough money to buy her a computer.

Villagers from Crambeck were evacuated after a cloud of explosive propane gas leaked from a storage tank.

Nestl bosses were branded Scrooges after scrapping a £10 Christmas gift to Rowntree's pensioners. Two more charges against Rod Hills were dropped.

Mark Williams won the PowerHouse UK Championship at York Barbican Centre - then York District Sports Council suggested selling off the Barbican site and replacing it with several "mini-centres of excellence".

Downing Street was embroiled in a row over Cherie Blair's involvement with convicted fraudster Peter Foster in the purchase of two flats in Bristol. One of them was for her son Euan while at university there.

Thousands of students marched through London to protest at proposals to charge top up fees.

And the Government declared it didn't want the England cricket team to go to Zimbabwe, but said the decision was ultimately up to the sport's governing body.