THE Roman Legionary garrison in York is about to be reinforced - albeit 1,700 years too late.

Raw recruits are being invited along to an authentic Roman Gladiator School, where wannabe fighters can learn the hacking and slashing skills necessary to survive in the Colosseum.

Meanwhile, more experienced warriors can join the Sixth Legion Victrix, which arrived in the city with Hadrian in 122 AD and stayed for nearly 250 years.

Of course, neither of these are for real - instead, they are re-enactment groups, based at the Roman Bath Museum, in St Sampsons Square.

Organiser Graham Harris said: "We are holding a recruitment evening in the museum at 7pm on January 24 and would invite anyone interested to attend.

"A legionary soldier and a gladiator will also be in attendance to demonstrate their skills and lifestyle."