A MALE university student told a jury how a woman undergraduate sexually molested him in her bedroom.

Clive Richard Manyou claimed that the woman then falsely complained that he had raped her in her sleep Through his legal team, he has accused the woman's friend of being racist and lying to support her claim.

"I am standing trial for something I did not do," he told the jury at York Crown Court.

Manyou, 36, of Garrowby Way, Heslington, denies sexually touching the woman, raping her and an alternative charge of sexual assault.

The jury heard that he was fined in 1983 for indecently assaulting an woman aged 16 or over and in 1984 for handling stolen goods.

Giving evidence on day three of his trial, Manyou claimed that the woman had behaved sexually towards him on different occasions and called him her "Mr Popular".

On June 7 he had drunk four pints at Ziggy's Nightclub and, in the early hours, had gone to a party at the undergraduate's hall of residence because his friend was going. There, the alleged racist boasted about cheating in her essays, he alleged.

The friend went with her to her room and he and the alleged rape victim were alone.

Suddenly feeling ill and dizzy, he went to the toilet where he vomited and then passed out on the alleged victim's bed.

He claimed that he woke to find her sexually touching him and straddling him.

"I felt it was wrong," he told the jury.

"I just said: This is my space'."

He got up, fetched his friend from the next room, and left.

He denied raping or sexually touching the woman, or causing her pain.

He also denies making sleazy comments to her or pressurising her to let him stay in her room.

The jury heard that at 4.20pm that day, he formally reported the alleged racist woman for cheating.

He agreed he had not reported the alleged rape victim for molesting him.

Earlier, he told the jury he grew up in a rough area in Peckham, London, and was a member of the National Youth Theatre for five years.

He also performed in other theatres and studied opera singing before coming to York. He is married with a young baby.

The trial continues.