A diabetic driver who lost control of his car at 60mph due to low blood sugar, killing one pedestrian and seriously injuring another, has failed in his appeal against a four-year jail sentence.

Shaun Gary Handley, 20, suffered a hypoglycaemic attack while behind the wheel and crashed into Bethany Gale on a pedestrian crossing in Hull Road, York, on February 27, 2005, killing her and seriously injuring her boyfriend.

Handley, of The Dales, Wheldrake Lane, Elvington, York, was jailed for four years, after being convicted of causing death by dangerous driving at York Crown Court on June 14 last year.

Handley had denied he was responsible for the tragic crash because of his medical condition, but a jury had found against him.

Yesterday, he asked Lord Justice Longmore, sitting with Mr Justice Toulson and Judge Peter Beaumont at London's Criminal Appeal Court, to reduce the length of his sentence, claiming it was "manifestly excessive".

Lord Justice Longmore told the court Handley had injected himself with insulin earlier on the day of the crash, but should have tested to see whether he needed more treatment before driving.

Refusing the sentence appeal of the father-of-two, whom he described as "well-liked," the judge said that, as well as the loss of control caused by his diabetes, Handley had been driving at 60mph, too fast for the road he was on.

"We are not able to say that the speed can be dismissed as a non-relevant factor when it comes to sentence. Also, he did not have the benefit of a guilty plea," Lord Justice Longmore said.

"This was someone driving at speed, with the result that one young life has been destroyed and another youngster left severely injured.

"The personal mitigation of the appellant has been taken into account and, in our view, it is impossible to say that the sentence of four years was manifestly excessive.

"This appeal is dismissed."