AN elderly couple's nightmare over the appalling state of their neighbour's bungalow could finally be over - after he vowed to get it spruced up.

George and Kathleen Rowe recently contacted The Press as a last resort to get something done about the dilapidated property adjoining their home in Cedar Grove, off Stockton Lane, York.

Despite being one of the most desirable areas to live in the city, they say the property looks like it is "falling to bits" and would make it impossible for them to sell their own bungalow.

Now its owner, York College teacher Alan Taylor, has met City of York Council's enforcement team to discuss a way forward and has agreed to improve the appearance of his house.

Mr Taylor said previously that he "regretted" the state of the house.

The bungalow's window frames have all but rotted away, and black bags and rubbish can be seen piled up against the inside of the front door.

Mr Rowe claims the state of the house had caused mice to start appearing in their home over Christmas.

"I'm delighted that the wheels are finally turning, but I just hope they turn at a reasonable speed," he said.

"The amount of work just needed to make the front of the house presentable will be a lot.

"The first priority will be installing completely new windows."

Mr Rowe said they rarely saw Mr Taylor, claiming he had shown no desire to talk over the issue with them.

"I couldn't care a less if I never see him again as long as his property returns to something like normality," he said.

"Our neighbours are glad that something might at last be done about it."

A council spokesperson said: "Officers met the owner of the property today and agreed a course of action that should improve the appearance of the property, without the council having to serve a formal notice.

"This involved agreeing what work needs to be carried out and what sort of timescales it should be completed in.

"We will monitor it and make sure the work is carried out as agreed."