THE recent and appalling case of the north-eastern man suffering with bone cancer and having to leave his family and his roots to move to Scotland to get life prolonging drugs is another damming indication of the cynical way this Government operates.

If the people of England were given the same spending per head as the Scots, then perhaps we could afford drugs to prolong the lives of our people.

Year-upon-year Labour have poured money into Scottish health, education and welfare programmes at a rate we English can only dream of. They pay more per head (approximately £1,500 per person) in all these areas in the hope they can buy off the Scottish electorate and stop the SNP.

When the Scottish universities started penalising anyone born in England by charging them £750 to attend, a figure not levied against any other European country, did our Scottish rulers in Westminster stand up for the English? Not a word.

And let us not forget the Scottish Labour MPs who voted against tuition fees for their students, then came to Westminster en-masse and voted to impose tuition fees on our children.

Good luck to the SNP. I hope Gordon Brown enjoys his short spell as leader of the Scottish Raj that rules the Labour party.

One thing is certain, the time is now right for English voters to elect English representatives to work for the benefit of the English nation in an English parliament.

A Glover, Coach House, Welham Park, Malton.