CAN anyone really be worth £50 million per year, being the total package for kicking a ball around a field with ten lesser-paid Yanks, occasionally standing in front of a camera wearing a pair of blue jeans and sun glasses, and maybe holding a bottle of the latest splash-on after shave?

Okay, David Beckham is a good-looking bloke and I really cannot see what he sees in his skinny wife, who could not give a natural smile if her life depended on it.

I think Simon Fuller, creator of the Spice Girls and Pop Idol, may be on to a loser by trying to get her into Desperate Housewives.

Posh is no match for the women already in the programme, but I am sure the Americans will greet her with open arms (remember Fergie?) and she will find a niche to rake in a bit more cash.

Good luck to Britain's most famous export, apart from Northern Ireland's George Best, and maybe, looking to the future, they could emulate Bill Gates and plough some millions into good causes.

Bob Waite, Holgate, York.