The anticipation for Kylie's triumphant return was at fever pitch. The show promised to be emotional. It promised to be Locomotional. But on Saturday night, 12,000 fans stood saw a shadow of the Impossible Princess, dressed up to the nines, pose her way through the opening numbers of her Showgirl Homecoming production in Manchester.

Gone was the high-energy performance. Gone the sparkle of exuberant optimism. Gone that lovely voice. Kylie apologised for her failing health, but tortuously continued to deliver only three eighths of her show, before ending the performance. Despite protests that she was suffering from a severe cold, most of the audience sensed Kylie was either pushing or being pushed too far, too early.

A small consolation to her loyal fans is the soundtrack to her Australian shows recorded in November. Although basically the same as the aborted Showgirl production of 2005, the show has been re-jigged and now includes a Middle Eastern showcase and a cover of Madonna's Vogue.

Sydney fans were also treated to a duet with Bono on Kids, a role taken by sister Danni in Manchester.

However, more touching is Kylie's reading of Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

Incidentally, Kylie's cancelled shows from January 15 and 16 have been rescheduled to Sunday and Monday.

That is if Kylie makes a miraculous recovery. Tellingly, no form of compensation has been offered to the hundreds of Yorkshire fans who made the pilgrimage to the aborted show at the MEN Arena.

Get well soon, Kylie - and look after yourself.