1 Ainsty Bakery - Bakers Boroughbridge Road, York
01904 798025
With 18 types of bread and a whole host of savouries on offer, Ainsty’s is a popular choice. 8 JW Hudsons - Butcher
Heworth Road, Heworth
01904 42681
Hudson’s was praised as an excellent local business, with real quality meat
and good advice.

15 M&K Butchers - Butchers
Bishopthorpe Road, York
01904 639300
With home-bred lamb, this butcher has been popular in York for more than 30 years.

2 Neary’s - Butchers
Clifton Green, York
01904 623128
Puts the “eat” in “meat” was how one reader described Neary’s Butchers. 9 Mairs Delicatessen - Delicatessen
Heworth Village
01904 422906
The great selection offered at Mairs won votes. 16 York Beer Shop - Beverages, drinks & Cheesemonger
Sandringham Street, York
01904 647136
You do not just love this shop for its beer. The store has also received praise for its great range of cheeses from across the region, alongside the best of British. 3 John and Jean Mannion - Greengrocers
Blake St, York
01904 631030
One reader simply described this shop as the best of its type in the city. 10 Richard Fowler - Fishmonger
Gerard Avenue York 01904 421360
In an area where freshness is absolutely vital, Richard won extra votes for the quality and range he offers. 17 Simon Bradley - Vegetable
Heslington - roadside
A real favourite with many of you, Simon’s home-grown potatoes caused quite a stir when we featured him last year. 4 Scott’s - Butchers
Low Petergate, York
01904 622972
George has been praised for his fresh, local food and genuine friendliness and helpfulness to visitors and locals alike. 11 Alligator - Grocer
Fishergate 01904 654525
This shop has been praised for
producing fresh local produce at a price everyone can afford, with amazing value, and great people. 18 Fishers - Greengrocers
Broadway, York
01904 633328
Anne and her small team have been praised for its wide variety of fresh local produce. 5 Harrisons - Greengrocers
Newgate Market, York
Praised as “top quality” from one
reader, you also rated their home grown and great British goods. 12 The Good Food Shop - Delicatessen
Scarcroft Road, York 01904 637445
The cheeses, pates and home-made cakes offered here have tempted many of you.
19 Ged Bell - Butchers
Middlethorpe Grove, York
01904 706069
One reader said simply “everything he sells is of the highest quality.” 6 Cross of York - Fishmonger
Newgate Market, York
01904 627590
Helpful staff and superb quality fish have been praised by our readers from this market fishmonger. 13 Knavesmire Butchers,
Albermarle Road, Knavesmire
01904 620722
Praised for its friendly service and top quality produce. 20 Fruit ‘n’ Things - Greengrocers
Sim Balk Lane, Bishopthorpe
01904 700666
This shop was praised for supplying local food to the public and pubs, restaurants and hotels. 7 Via Vecchia - Bakers
Shambles, York
01904 627701
The quality of the baking, and the huge variety impressed readers. 14 Fred’s Home Bakery - Baker
Albermarle Road, York 01904 630046
With its freshly baked bread, this bakers has been praised as being almost as good as France - if it was not South Bank, that is.