ANOTHER gap on the A64 between York and Tadcaster is to be shut after motorists began using it as a dangerous short cut.

The gap in the central reservation is situated just west of the Aagrah restaurant - about a mile along the westbound carriageway from Bilbrough Top, where a notorious gap was closed before Christmas before the start of work to build a flyover.

Motorists wanting to cross the dual carriageway to get to York were told then to drive to Tadcaster and use a flyover there.

But the Evening Press reported local district councillor Brian Percival's fears that lazy motorists would make U-turns through the Aagrah gap instead.

The agency said the situation would be monitored, and it has now revealed that a significant number of drivers have been spotted by police making the U-turns, posing a danger to other A64 traffic.

"These manoeuvres are highly dangerous," said Highways Agency project manager Lynne Biddles. "The situation will continue to be monitored, and further gaps may have to be closed if they are being used as short cuts along the diversion route."

The gap will close on Tuesday and remain shut until the flyover opens in the spring of next year.

Updated: 09:26 Saturday, February 14, 2004