A STUDENT who claims she was raped as she slept in her room at a University of York hall of residence suffered "no signs of physical injury", a jury heard.

The 19-year-old woman alleged she was so traumatised after she was raped by Clive Manyou, 36, of Garrowby Way, Heslington, last June, that she abandoned her studies and returned home.

Manyou, a married father-of-one, denies rape and two charges of sexual assault. The rape is an alternative charge to one of the assault charges.

Desmond Lennon, for the defence, said the doctor who examined her on the morning of the attack found no signs of physical injury.

But the victim told the jury at York Crown Court that she had been in pain.

Mr Lennon said when she first spoke to a nurse about the attack, she was unsure about whether she had been raped.

He said she had happily continued socialising and drinking in the weeks following the attack because the incident "never happened" as she had described it.

She said she had been "trying to put on a brave face".

But Mr Lennon said on June 7 she had straddled Manyou and attempted to have sex with him, but he had stopped it from happening and pushed her off him.

The Press told yesterday how they were both part of a group that went back to her hall of residence, at about 3.30am, after a night out at Ziggy's nightclub, in York.

The group stayed in a kitchen talking and listening to music for a time before some members started to leave.

The victim said she reluctantly allowed Manyou to stay on her bedroom floor, but awoke to find him touching her sexually and she pushed him off.

One of the victim's flatmates told the jury that they had both been tipsy on the night of the incident, but neither had been slurring their words or had trouble walking.

She said she had been asleep in the room next door and had woken to hear, through the wall, the victim shouting: "What are you doing? That was out of order."

She said Manyou then went into her room, and she heard him say: "She's crazy. I never knew you were like this. Now I know."

She said Manyou and one of his friends then left the flat and her flatmate came to her crying.

She told her: "I think Clive just raped me."

The trial continues.