ANGRY community leaders claimed today that large numbers of residents in west York have not been consulted over the Acomb Library supermarket plans.

The Press reported yesterday that German supermarket chain Lidl had made an audacious bid to flatten the existing facility, in Front Street, along with the bowling green behind it and the pub next door, The Marcia Grey.

Under the bid, which has not yet officially been lodged with planners, they have vowed to build a bigger and better library on the same site in Acomb as part of any development.

The council has already secured £600,000 to create a new library learning centre at its present site in Front Street.

City of York Council leader Steve Galloway, who represents Westfield ward, which takes in the library site, has consulted residents with a leaflet survey.

But furious Acomb ward councillors Tracey Simpson-Laing and David Horton said they have never been officially told about any possible development of the site, or the adjacent areas.

"As Acomb councillors, we represent thousands of residents who use the library, yet no council officer has briefed us on any speculative bid to purchase the site," Coun Simpson-Laing said.

"To officially find out through The Press is yet another appalling example of how this Lib Dem council currently works.

"I am shocked that it has reached this stage, yet no officer in the council has thought to inform us. Acomb residents matter as much as those in Westfield. We should have been consulted."

Coun Horton said: "The library is used by both Acomb and Westfield residents.

"If the alleged consultation is being undertaken solely through Lib Dem produced Focus leaflets, then it is neither democratic or acceptable."

They have called on the director of children's and leisure service to confirm the rumours circulating and to undertake an official consultation in the Acomb, Holgate and Westfield wards if a planning application is submitted.

Coun Galloway said they were perfectly entitled to consult residents in his ward via the leaflet drop.

"This plan has been no secret," he said.

"The Acomb ward councillors are entitled to send out a leaflet themselves."

Meanwhile, bosses at The Marcia Grey Pub, in Front Street, who have recently splashed out more than £250,000 on a complete refurbishment, declared today it was "business as usual" - despite the supermarket plans.

Chris Renouccie, operations director for Your Original Pub Company, which owns a 25-year-old lease on the site, said no one had spoken to them about the proposals.

"If the pub is to be sold by the owners of the freehold then Your Original Pub Company would have to give its consent and be compensated," he said.

Mr Renouccie said they had recently launched a new food menu and would be one of the first pubs in the city to enforce a total ban on smoking on January 26.

"The feeling is that this is what the customers want," he said.

A council spokeswoman said: "There has been no formal approach or offer from Lidl and, therefore, there is nothing for us to consult people on."

No one from Lidl was available for comment.