I WANTED to write to the Readers' Letters page in the hope that a certain driver of a silver Peugeot or similar car sees this.

You were driving on the A64 on January 12 at around 1.30pm. You came on to the A64 towards York off the slip road and you obviously felt your need to get on your way was greater than mine.

You aggressively came alongside the car I was travelling in, and when my car speeded up so you could get in behind, you speeded up as well and moved closer, making it a very dangerous situation.

So the driver of my car slowed down rather than risk an accident and you pulled in front of us.

I was travelling in a funeral car and the car we were following was taking my grandad, a true gentleman, on his last journey.

Have you no respect? Have you any idea of the hurt your actions caused? You sped off on the A64 without a care. To come in between a funeral procession is just unbelievably cruel. I hope your journey was worth the upset you caused.

But I would also like to tell readers that as we went by the building site on Tadcaster Road (where the new college is being built), my heart was lifted when workmen removed their work hats in respect. It was a cold day and they were obviously busy, but they took that moment to show their respect and it meant a lot.

At least there are some people who are still respectful of the dead.

J Harrison, Marlborough Avenue, Tadcaster.