TONY Blair's defiant speech a few days ago, from the deck of a fighting ship, faced us with his view of Britain's position and policy-to maintain a vast and highly trained army and to reserve the "right" to invade and attack any nation he thinks might pose a threat to our country or our interests.

Then he said he wants a nationwide debate on the subject. Do you agree with him? Say so, or state your opposing view.

I shall write to say that I strongly disagree with his attacks on Iraq and Afghanistan. I believe we have no right to invade a foreign state except under the banner of the United Nations, that is, if the world community has, after careful research, and trying all other methods, come to the view that such a state is a threat to its neighbours.

I shall say that our armies must be for defence of our borders and our fellow members of the EU. But that every way must be tried and tried long and seriously, to find diplomatic ways to resolve disputes. More, we must never again be found to support a dictator like Saddam Hussein, as we did in his war on Iran, keeping silent when he gassed so many of his own people.

I shall say that to replace Trident is wrong: we do not need such a wicked, indiscriminate weapon, which we could never use legitimately. The costs would clear the NHS debt and go far in rebuilding Iraq after our disastrous war. We must do all we can to make friends - and bombing people is never the way to win respect and allies.

Whatever your own view, take up his invitation and write to him.

Joyce Pickard, Saville Grove, York.