I HOPE that when City of York Council discusses the problems raised by the residents of Langholme Drive about congestion (City council to review parking in narrow streets, The Press, January 12), the first question is: where are the vehicles from that cause the congestion?

Are they visiting the houses in the street or do some of the houses have more than one car? If so, the problem is self-inflicted and they cannot expect council taxpayers to help them out.

Any car causing an obstruction, which is an offence under the Road Traffic Act, should receive a ticket; or the council could put yellow lines down one side to keep the road clear.

Another solution lies with the residents. Most of the houses in Langholme Drive are semis with gardens front, side and back. There must be somewhere for them to install hard standing to get their cars off the street? Or would they rather dig up someone else's grass and widen the road at someone else's expense?

The last resort would be to ask the council to reroute the ftr down Langholme Drive; then all of their problems would be solved.

AP Cox, Heath Close, Holgate, York.