A MAN has been arrested in connection with the theft of £60,000 from the safe of cancer victim David Baker, police confirmed today.

Detectives have made extensive inquiries into the shocking raid at Mr Baker's home in Parker Avenue, Chapelfields, York.

A 38-year-old man was arrested in connection with the theft and released on police bail pending further inquiries.

It is not known if he knew Mr Barker.

The Press exclusively reported earlier this week that the cash was taken from the empty property where the businessman lived before his death last month.

It is believed the thief or thieves took out a side window at the property and ripped out the safe before escaping with it using a "sack barrow".

The safe was later found in the grounds of nearby Westfield Primary School along with a computer hard drive which was also taken from the house.

It was revealed the thieves knew the whereabouts of three alarms and two hidden cameras which they were able to disable during the raid.

Mr Baker's widow, Susan, of Upper Poppleton, was aware of the arrest.

She said the family's heartache had continued after they discovered vandals had knocked over the front wall at the house in Parker Avenue.

"It is like someone really has a vendetta against him," she told The Press.

"The wall has been reduced to rubble. I feel like I am living in a soap opera. It is all really odd."

Mrs Baker, who married her husband in a ceremony conducted by his bedside three days before he died, said they had been given wonderful support.

"Everybody is bending over backwards to help," she said.

"I just feel like I am waiting for the next bad thing to happen."

Mrs Baker, said the safe money was intended to be used for a family holiday and towards the college education of their six-year-old daughter, Rhiannah, and Mrs Baker's other daughter, Charlotte Lalowski.

Mr Baker, 62, ran his successful bus and taxi firm, Fairway Travel, from the house before succumbing to cancer.

A York police spokesman said: "The inquiry is still ongoing and we would appeal to anyone with information to come forward."

Anyone with information should phone York police on 0845 6060 247.