HOT yoga is an exercise trend to have become an international fad. Now York is to have its own classes. Kate Liptrot finds out more.

PROMISING a full body workout in a steamy 35 degrees celcius environment, hot yoga has become a hot trend.

With celebrity devotees reportedly including Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow and Andy Murray, the sub tropical sessions promise a physically challenging yoga class which could enhance the effectiveness of a workout.

With classes long established in London and opening in cities across the UK, hot yoga is now due to be brought to the recently opened Stables Yoga Centre in Nunmill Street where yoga-goers will work through 40 postures designed to strengthen and stretch the whole body systematically .

Teacher Helena Byles, a qualified hot yoga teacher who also teaches in Leeds and Iklley, said it will be accessible to everyone from beginners to advanced levels.

"You get nice and hot and sweaty, " she said, "Powerful hatha yoga classes build flexibility, strength and endurance. The heat permeates muscles creasing flexibility. It promotes sweating which is good for the skin.

"Hot yoga is great for building up stamina and focus."

Helena said sporty people including cyclists and runners would benefit from the classes and could avoid becoming injured as the exercise improves muscle imbalance and improves overall mobility.

"People should come to try something new," Helena said, "This is great for people who are more into sports and fitness and higher intensity stuff.

"It's not humming and chanting - its more physical and less spiritual."

- The first hot yoga class starts at The Stables Yoga Centre in Nunmill Street tomorrow from 6pm to 7.15 Classes cost £8.50 in advance and £10 drop in. For more information about the yoga centre, visit